5 repetitive tasks that chatbots can automate for freelancers

In a business, repetitive tasks can consume a huge amount of time. With the evolution of technology and the explosion of artificial intelligence, it is now possible to automate these processes. The main aim of this automation is to save you time that you can devote to other tasks with high added value. In this article, we'll look at 5 tasks that intelligent chatbots can do for you.

Answer frequent customer questions

During their research or purchasing process, customers may have questions. They may want to know the price of a service, in case they have trouble finding it on your sales page. Or they may want to know everything that a service entails.

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Most of the time, these questions come up again and again. Answering the same thing over and over again can not only waste your time, but also become a source of stress for those answering. Using a chatbot like https://www.mychatbotgpt.com/ to automatically answer these frequently asked questions is the best solution. These tools can also be used to solve common problems and direct customers to the appropriate resources.

By satisfying the customer, chatbots can improve the customer experience and reduce the number of support requests that employees have to deal with. Don't hesitate to adopt these tools to assist you.

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Manage appointments and bookings

A good AI-powered chatbot can also manage customer appointments and bookings. When customers ask to visit your premises for any reason, they can access your bot to make an appointment.

Good chatbots have the advantage of being contactable 24/7, unlike a human customer advisor. Once an appointment has been made, they are also able to send automatic reminders to customers in advance of their visit. They are also useful for managing cancellations and postponements, if the customer is no longer able to honour their commitment.

By automating the management of appointments and reservations, chatbots can save time. Unlike humans, these tools make no mistakes and forget nothing. They are therefore ideal for this task.

Keeping track of deliveries and invoices

Keeping track of deliveries and invoices can be a tedious task for freelancers. Staff often have to connect to multiple platforms and applications to track the status of deliveries and ensure that invoices are paid on time. By adopting chatbots, these tools can automate this task by centralising the tracking of deliveries and invoices in one place.

They can help you track the status of deliveries in real time. They can also help you send notifications to customers when deliveries are on their way, and remind them when their unpaid invoices are due.

For efficient management, choose a chatbot that integrates with your delivery and invoicing platforms. Set up alerts for late deliveries and unpaid invoices, then create automatic message templates to inform customers of the status of their deliveries and invoices.

Collect opinions and comments

Knowing what customers think and tracking their feedback is essential for freelancers who want to improve their products or services and stand out from the competition. In the past, this information was gathered by dedicated staff. That said, automation is now possible.

Chatbots can also collect opinions and comments by sending questionnaires to customers after an assignment has been completed.

Since they are powered by AI, they can also analyse opinions and comments to identify a product's strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to these analyses, you can take corrective measures to improve your offerings.

Offer customer support

Customer support is a service now found in every company. Its main purpose is to help build customer loyalty. Instead of devoting a large part of your staff to customer support, you can once again make use of chatbots. These are capable of answering customers' questions, solving their day-to-day problems and directing them to the appropriate resources if necessary.

When it comes to choosing chatbots for customer service, it's best to go for those that integrate with your customer relationship management (CRM) system. If you can't find one that suits you perfectly, you can design a bespoke model for yourself.

By using these tools for any or all of these tasks, you save precious time that you can devote to other activities. If you haven't already adopted them, it's time to take the plunge.