Advanced Tutorial: techniques for creating more complex and creative content

My Image GPT, developed by OpenAI, is a revolutionary tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to generate accurate and creative image descriptions. Beyond simple descriptions, this article guides you in discovering advanced techniques to exploit the full potential of My Image GPT and create more complex and creative content.

Master the generation parameters

My Image GPT offers a powerful solution by generating contextual descriptions from images, opening up new creative possibilities. But you need to master its settings to fully exploit the capabilities of My Image GPT and create innovative and complex visual content on

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Level of detail

Adjust the level of description detail for optimal accuracy. For example, a "simple" level may be sufficient for rapid object identification, while a "high" level is necessary for in-depth analysis of a complex scene.


Choose the style of language that matches your intention. My Image GPT offers several options, from formal to casual, humorous or poetic.

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In other words, customize the style of descriptions to match the tone and purpose of your content. Opt for formal language for professional presentations, while a lighter tone may be appropriate for social media posts.


Let your creativity run wild by generating descriptions in different languages. My Image GPT is fluent in several languages and can adapt to your specific needs.

It is often best to use the language of the image as the reference language for the generated descriptions. For example, if the image depicts a landscape in France, it would make sense to use French for the descriptions. This ensures that the descriptions will be relevant and adapted to the context of the image.

If you plan to use the generated descriptions to communicate with a specific audience, it's important to consider that audience's preferred language. For example, if you're targeting an English-speaking audience, it would be a good idea to use English for the descriptions, even if the image itself is in French.


Set the description length to meet your needs. Whether you need a concise caption or a detailed paragraph, My Image GPT adapts to your requirements.

However, it is essential that the description is relevant to the image and communicates the necessary information effectively. Too long a description can dilute the message and make the content less effective. It is therefore important to ensure that the description is concise and well focused.

Furthermore, the length of the description may vary depending on the medium on which it will be used. For example, on social media where user attention is often limited, short, punchy descriptions are often more effective. On the other hand, on a blog or website, it may be appropriate to include more detailed and informative descriptions.


Choose the tone of the description to influence the atmosphere and impact of the content. My Image GPT can generate neutral, enthusiastic, formal, etc. descriptions.

The tone of the description may vary depending on the context and audience. For professional use, such as on a corporate website or in an academic context, a professional and formal tone is generally appropriate. On the other hand, for informal communications or on social networks, a more friendly and relaxed tone may be more suitable.

Browse advanced options

Navigating the advanced options for using My Image GPT requires a clear understanding of these elements.

Background and instructions

Provide contextual information and specific instructions to guide the build. Define the topic, purpose, and what to include or exclude from the description.

Language models

Choose from a variety of language templates to achieve specific text styles and formats. My Image GPT offers templates for generating scripts, poems, code, etc.

APIs and integrations

Integrate My Image GPT into your workflows and applications using the dedicated API. Harness the power of AI to generate automatic descriptions of your images and enrich your content.

Creative apps

By exploring these advanced options with in-depth understanding you will benefit from optimal results for different uses.

Creating engaging content

Write captivating blog posts, engaging product descriptions, impactful social media posts, and original marketing content.

Narration and storytelling

Bring your images to life by generating immersive narratives, captivating tales and original scenarios.

Translation and linguistic adaptation

Translate your image descriptions into different languages to reach international audiences and tailor your content to specific cultures.

Creation support tools

Use My Image GPT to generate ideas, catchy titles, impactful slogans and SEO optimized descriptions.


By mastering the advanced techniques of My Image GPT, you can create unique and engaging content that stands out. Explore the possibilities offered by this revolutionary tool to boost your creativity and reach new horizons.